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New Zealand’s leading Sartorius, Everpure, Pentek, water filter supplier. With the largest range of replacement water filters to suit your home, office or business. Premium water Sartorius, Everpure, Pentek, filters allow you to be free from contaminants for you and your needs. If you are looking for a replacement water filter then Pureas makes sure to have the correct filter for you and if we don’t, we will find a suitable alternative.

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Housings & Manifolds

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If you have any questions about any products, quantity or required products, please contact us via the Enquiry Form.

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If you have any additional requirements, you can contact us at office@micronz.co.nz or on 0800.224.426.


About Us

Pureas is a web portal of MICRONZ LTD dedicated to promotion of Everpure and Pentek filtration solutions for residential and commercial clients within New Zealand. Terms & Conditions