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EVERPURE 2CB5-S Cartridge

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EVERPURE 2CB5-S Cartridge

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Product code: EV961722
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The Everpure 2CB5-S 5 micron filter cartridge with scale inhibition removes. Carbon block technology provides dirt, chlorine, taste & odour reduction, protects against scale build-up Quick fit head

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Everpure Cartridge 2CB5-S | EV961722     Water For Coffee Lovers.jpg

Problem solving cartridge with scale inhibition
removes particles down to 5 microns.
Carbon block technology provides dirt, chlorine, taste and
odor reduction and protect against scale build-up.

Provides clear, fresh, premium quality ingredient water for great taste in coffee and beverage applications. 

Capacity: 11,355 L. Flow Rate: 4 l/min

Min order quantity is 1 box = 6 pieces

Price is inclusive of GST & Freight.


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